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Free! Easy! Packed with features!
Best WordPress theme for your business website!!

BizVektor theme allows you to build and customize a responsive website for your company. All the settings can easily be done from the administration panel and don’t require technical skills.


Free theme under GPL license

Free, even for commercial use!

BizVektor theme for WordPress is available for free download. The theme license is 100% GPL so feel to use it according the GPL license terms. Basically you can use and/or modify it to make it corresponding to your needs, even if your website is a company website.

How BizVektor Free Theme differs from WordPress premium themes:

  • No usage restriction (both personal or business)
  • Can be used for several websites
  • OK for commercial use

BizVektor design is highly flexible

Default design skins + customizable colorsAll full responsive layout

Predefined design skins

BizVektor is one theme that comes with 4 different predefined design skins so as you can adjust the basic layout according to your needs.

You can choose your basic layout from the 4 different default design skins included:

  • Rebuild
  • Default
  • Calmly
  • Plain
Responsive views on desktop, tablet and smartphone for the Rebuild design skin

The Rebuild design skin displayed on different devices.

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on small resolution devices

Display on mobiles.

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on medium resolution devices

Display on tablets.

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on high resolution devices

Desktop screen display.

We also offer various premium skins that can be more what you are looking for.

You can select your favorite predefined skin under the Design tab on administration panel’s Appearance > Theme Options.

Easy color customization

You can easily change the colors of BizVektor theme with WordPress customizing tool to make it fit your company’s logo colors for example.

Changing BizVektor default design skin colors on WordPress customizing tool

Changing BizVektor default design skin colors on WordPress customizing tool

Note: You can personalize the colors with this tool for all BizVektor predefined design skins except for the Plain design skin.
Plain was designed to be a very neutral and simple base template. Of course if you have some CSS skills you can customize it using a style sheet or from the CSS Customize page in the administration panel (Appearance > CSS Customize).

Multi-devices responsive design

BizVektor free WordPress theme has fully responsive layout which helps you reaching your targets on various devices such as regular desktop screens, tablets and smartphones.
The design adapts to any device’s resolution. Feel free to try it out!

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on small resolution devices

Display on mobiles.

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on medium resolution devices

Display on tablets.

BizVektor Default design skin as seen on high resolution devices

Desktop screen display.

Slider on front page

BizVektor let you create a carousel on the top page of your website. Instead of a fixed image, a slider showing automatically different images give a more dynamic feeling to your website. Of course according to your needs you can set a fixed image instead.

Top page slider on BizVektor theme

Top page slider on BizVektor theme

Setting top page carousel with BizVektor

Slider setting screen

We’ve prepared the following options for BizVektor slider settings:

  • Link URL
  • Image URL
  • Alt text
  • Open the link in a new window
  • Display/hide the image

You can set your slider in the Theme Options page (Appearance > Theme Options).

Menu items with subtitles

BizVektor menu items subtitles

Menu items with subtitles.

It is optional but with BizVektor you can add subtitles to your menu items.

To add subtitles to your menu items go to your administration screen then go to the menu administration page (Appearance > Menus). Select the menu that appears at the top of your website and add the subtitle in the “Description” text area in each menu item. In case you don’t see the “Description” field, click on the little arrow on the right of your menu item’s title.

BizVektor is optimized for business websites

Contains all features a corporate site needs! And more!

Breadcrumb trail

A breadcrumb is a succession of links that represents your website structure. It can help your visitors to navigate throughout your website and access faster to your content.
In BizVektor theme, the breadcrumb is located just under the page title, for a easy access.

Breadcrumb feature in BizVektor free WordPress theme


Section navigation

BizVektor theme allows a section navigation to display in the inner pages of your website. If the current page of your website has child pages the section navigation will display in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page.

Section navigation benefits are:

  • helping to have a better overview of your website
  • providing quick and fluid access to your content
Section navigation on sidebar and page bottom in BizVektor theme

Sidebar and page bottom section navigation

Note: the section navigation design may vary depending on the design skin you’ve chosen.

Increase your conversion rate

BizVektor was created specifically for business. That’s why the theme has several features to optimize your ROI and help to increase conversion rate on your website.

BizVektor has a special options section where you can quickly insert or edit your contact information for an immediate display on the website (Appearance > Theme Options).
You can also display several clear call-to-action buttons to help increasing the numbers of contact coming from your company website.

Clear call-to-action buttons and contact information on BizVektor theme

Contact information display and call-to-action buttons.

High-performance front page

BizVektor theme enables you to turn your website front page into a high performance page that attracts your visitors.

BizVektor high performance front page features

How BizVektor turns your to front page into a high performance page.

You can organize the content on the front page using WordPress widgets (Appearance > Widgets).

Here are the elements you can set that helps to turn your front page into a high performance page:

  1. Free text area: you can insert test for SEO here if needed
  2. 3PR area: you can display important content here
    the 3PR area is easy to manage (Appearance > Theme Options) and is a real plus on your home
    you can add title, image and short description text on each block
  3. Recent news list
  4. Recent blog posts list (you can import it through RSS feed)

And you can set the following elements on all pages:

  • Banners to your Facebook and Twitter accounts on sidebars (5.)
  • Social buttons like Tweet button and Facebook sharer
  • Facebook comments box on your news or blog posts
  • Your company’s information on the footer
  • A footer menu
  • Etc.

Child pages preview template

Child pages preview parent page template

A parent page displaying child pages preview.

If you affect a parent to one of your page, it becomes a child page. With BizVektor you can affect a special template to the parent page so it displays a preview of child pages including for each of its child page:

  • Title
  • Excerpt
  • Thumbnail (page’s featured image)
  • A “Read more” link

If you want to organize your content into sections this is a easy way to get a quick view of all the pages of the current section.
To set this template go to the parent page edit screen and select “Child Index Page” in the “Template” dropdown menu of the “Page Attributes” box.

Using BizVektor blog functionality

Use the blog functionality to get more access to your website!

Of course you may use BizVektor blog functionality to help your company’s website visibility and increase unique visitors number but you can also use BizVektor only for blogging. Not matter which use of BizVektor you make: we have a lot of features designed for our blog functionality!

Recent posts list widget

A BizVektor widget (Appearance > Widgets) allows you to add a list of your recent publications in the sidebar of your blog.
The list contains for each post:

  • Thumbnail (featured image)
  • Title

The above elements include a link to the corresponding blog post.

How to set recent blog posts list in sidebar widget with BizVektor theme

How to display a list of recent posts in the sidebar.

Related posts build-in feature

A list of posts with the same tags as the current post will automatically display at the end of your posts.

Posts with the same tags display in the related posts section under the current post content

Related posts list under current post content.

You can choose the number of related posts with the same tags under the Administration panel: Appearance > Theme Options (Info & blog tab, Number of related posts section).
If you don’t need to display related posts just set the numbers of post to 0.

Ads on each blog post

BizVektor let you insert automatically ads or affiliate links inside your post content in 3 different locations of the post:

  • after the more tag (after the excerpt)
  • after the main content
  • after the related posts section
Simple ads and affiliate integration with BizVektor free theme for WordPress

Simply shows ads or affiliate links on each blog post.

You can set this options in Appearance > Theme Options (Info & blog tab, Ads section).
You just have to paste the code your ads or affiliates program gave to you!

Twitter Card to drive traffic

Twitter Cards work on Twitter. They display a preview of your content when a user adds a link to your website on a tweet. On BizVektor theme we have set the Twitter Photo Card so as your content becomes attractive every time someone tweets about your website!

If you have a Twitter account we recommend you register your account name in the Theme Options (Appearance > Theme Options, SNS tab, Twitter account section) so a link to your Twitter account will be displayed in Twitter Cards preview!

Example of a Twitter Card

Example of a Twitter Card

Search engine optimization

Head optimizated for SEO and social media

BizVektor theme contains several optimizations to help the visibility of your website pages in Google or other search engines’ search results.

  • <title> tag optimization
    BizVektor has different title structure depending on the page:

    • home: site title (you can set it in Settings > General Settings)
    • pages: page title | parent page title | site title
    • “info” posts: post title | category name | site title
  • description and keywords optimization
    BizVektor displays the meta tags description and keywords the following way:

    • description: same content as in the excerpt block you can fill when you edit a page or post
    • keywords: website keywords and keywords you can set on the keywords block on each page or post editing screen


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